Monday, March 8, 2010

I dont really understand GUYS!!

HOw could i accept a guy into my life. All this while i guess i've been way toooo long stand on my two feet being so independent in such a cruel worldmout there yet i'm still survive. When ever i start to talk about guy always left me with confusion. Sometimes i ask myself whenever i look at other people..why they look kind of easy to fall in love where they seems happily 2gether while i'm always stuck with A BIG QUESTION MARK in my head that i dont even know what exactly the question is? Guys keep on hittin on me..and what i do is...layankan aje la. till i come to realized that if i keep on take things easy i'll remain the QUESTION MARK in my head FOREVER!

Is it hard for a GUY to actually SHOW or EXPRESS his love to a GIRL. Seriously, i was and still expected something for that very someone..but till now i didn't get it. He show interest in me but the sign wasn't going so well which sometimes i tend to interperate the wrong way. Its easy just let it out..speak up and tell me that ur falling for me. Make things easy is better than we both stuck in such a complicated situation. I got enuff of DRAMAS in my life..and i dont need another stupid drama. Not to say that time is running out..its just that i appreciate the moment than i actually know it. Why guys cant even think of that...once the moment gone it will gone forever. Knowing myself, i dont have a room to felt regret and look back what i've been through for me the time is SO PRECIOUS to think that i look for productivity in life and always on the moves no matter what...(takut nyer statement cam ke arah andartu je aku rasa) hehee..
so, kan senang klo lelaki ini ckp je yg tul2 dia jatuh ati dah...ape hengat cerita drama ko akan tamat ke when u actually speak duhhh..its actually u starting the other new brand chapter! so, why la so hard for you to say so... although ur a wise man i look up for..but if u don't actually deliver well...i can pretty much say ur such a BOY!

and oh ya....sbb LELAKI la aku sikit lagi di cabul last week! what a sexual arrestment! SCARY ok! i'm panic and drove like hell sambil smoke half box dlm masa 2 jam!! (x pernah2 aku smoke ntah ape keno la ngan aku..cuak+x bley pk ape) nway.....serious...nak buang that particular moment awayyyyy.....awayyy from my life! bye!

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  1. hoih. takut nye dengar u nak kena cabul.. grr.. take care dear