Wednesday, March 17, 2010

China trip with mama

A week ago i went to Guangzhou, China. Its a planned that been quite sometimes in my mind..and Alhamdulillah i made it. I planned to go there with mama and my sis..its like girls bonding kind of things. But end up just me and mama. My sis refused to go cos she had another HUGE responsibility..i can tell cos she a wife and a mother and on top of that she really bz packing stuffs to move out to her new should be a wonderful moment if she happen to went with us. But yeha..i'm cool with it;) So, i bought flight tickets for me and mama as her birthday gift=)

Guangzhou is a Business City that attracts all people who keen to resolves around business and stuffs. I even have my own plan of doing my own business. This lil feeling bout set up my own business been here somewhere in me and i guess this is the moment i should go for it. Unlish my secret capability that doesn't seems to be realized by others. Guess its run in the family, late dad was a succesful business man who actually work together with my mom.. And guess my bro who happen to inherrit the gift have their own business in Guangzhou. I'm pretty impressed with his succes,thou..he been living in Guangzhou for about 10 years...started with nothing in people's world and now look at him..well established and can speak chinese fluently! He even deal with china people for me when me and mama went for shopping. Its hell of experience if we can't talk in chinese. Either they cheat on us or they dont wanna entertain us ! yet they still treat us nicely as tourist..i can say it such a great community. Nway...the weather is quite cold..round 10degrees...supposed to be spring time but yeah..nowdays world seems kinda weird at all time.

I went there for 4 days and 3 nites..yet it wasn't enuff time for me. Time running so freaking fast. But most of all..i really had a great time with Mama and my sis in law who happen to be originally from CHINA. pretty great lady and nice. She was the 1st sis in law who are really nice and easy to get along with me. guess we have same things in common. We went shoppin 2gether...and she taught me to speak chinese a lil bit....oh yes...she even brought me and mama to a BEST SPA in town. Mama falled it and we did the same treatment 2 days wei....haha...its all on my mom cos she really want me to teman her kan..yay!! free SPA MASSAGE!! And yes..even thou we went for vacation...but it always turn up to be a business trip when it comes to my mom....and yeah..she taught me in doing it..and VERY SUPPORTIVE! hahahaa......Glad to have such mom;) (padahal bape kali pancing soh keja ngan dia....but i refused ) i did some stuffs for my lil business...well mom said..starts with lil and it will develop slowly in time..InsyAllah....
will update more about it ya.....

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