Monday, March 22, 2010

The Fabulous Race

Event: The Fabulous Race
Venue: Shah Alam, Selangor
Day/Date: Saturday, 20th March 2010
Concept: ala2 cam Amazing race la...
The Story: It begins a week ago when i expressed my interest to join Amazing Race. I blast out loud on FB about the amazing race audition gonna happen a week ago. But so sad to said that i'm not able to go for the audition cos i'm flying of to china. What i did was before i actually went on the plane, i read THE SUN newspaper. There was an Ad about the amazing Race audition..i took a picture on that and straight away upload on FB and tag on my friends who i think capable to turn up for me...haha. To my surprised i got lots of good feedback...and its somehow make me laugh.
At the end of the day, people knows that i didn't turn up for that audition. After a week came this one malaun, Ibnu, who actually called me up asking me if i wanted to be part of his team in so called 'AMAZING RACE'! He kind of short of 2 people for his group and he did tot about how much i wanna try for amazing race.hehe....well thanks for that,thou. I've to find another partner to make it complete 4 in a group. So i picked Sikin since she is a friends of Ibnu as well...but at the very last minute sikin can't make it. Of course i've a back up plan...i"ve shara in the ppicture. But the nite before the race shara called off. I felt really not into the race either to think that i've no one capable of doing crazy things with me.....i tot of someone but when i think twice about it...its a BIG NO NO! so, i tried to asked my brother instead...:) hehe.... Guess my surprise he kind of cool with it. To think back all this while i'm always scolding him, gaduh2 on some stupid things but when i called him for a favor...he's all good and easily say yes to me. Aww!~ (i felt bad...and now starts to appreciate him more) haha.....So, we went together.yay!
The whole things went pretty well...along the way we learn something out of it I donno how genius my brother is...but he impressed me in some way. I tot my lil bro kinda a bimbo type..but actually he's not..i am...hahaha...Everyone in the group has its own speciality i can say....i'm the who some sort be the GPS to get to our DESTINATION while my brother he had such a brilliant mind..always solve the fact almost all of it! damn son! ur to good to be true.......i felt i'm so bloody dumb..and seriously i couldn't take it! not in front of my brother,thou.haha (ego x nak kalah!)
I had so much fun even thou the nite before i just slept for about 3 hours was a long nite with my psycho girl, Shaz...hehe. I really glad that my brother joined me and Ibnu and his girlfriends, Shin was the best group mate for this competition. We all are FUNNY and Playful sgt sgt! not serious at all sbb tu end up 4th place from 15 teams yg bertanding...haha. But its pretty good la kan;)

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