Thursday, November 17, 2011

mybaby frosty on high fever


here goes the story of my baby frosty.....guess what he have been my rainbow sunshine for the past 1 year plus. woww....let me repeat back...1 YEAR PLUS! Isn't that awesome..that means me and my love ones have been for about a year B-) well actually my life so far been so blessed with beautiful things and wonderful people surround me...frosty is one of them.

what would u feel when someone that really close to u felt sick? The one u always play with...story to tell how unsatisified about people and works...a place to just express your inner emotions and pretty much as a subject matter for your own photography satisaction, in another words that creature is soooooo bloody CUTE which can make your anger turn to peace, hot water u can just drink it at once just like drinking a cold water, hatreats change into love, negative turns to positive....and...that FROSTY is my 1YEAR PLUS WHITE PERSIAN CAT....

yes!After a year he been agressive and super dooper active under the care of Roos's family,today i sadly announce that he been admitted to St. Angel, Pucong