Friday, November 30, 2012

the flying thoughts

Life has been a whirlwind and today I had the realization that i haven't been this fully happy in my life in a long time. I am completely content, inside and out and grateful for the people and experiences in my life that remind me that i'm love and constantly blessed by Allah's grace. Alhamdulillah...My road trip out of town somehow have open my eyes...

I've learned that the more i trust God and leave what i can't do in His hands, my life unfolds in ways that i never imagined. A lot of time is wasted because we are worrying about things we don't have control of or things aren't worth worrying about yet. Trusting in a higher being makes us more present.


I used to live life in a daze. Not taking control of the people surrounded myself with, the energy that i kept with me, not having the maturity and the strength to let go of people. I just went with the flow and not really understand that my life could be amazing or a daze, it was just up to me. I settle not thinking that if i redirected my focus and energy to the right things and people my life would change.

Life is just so much BEYOND what our mind can conceive. There is no reason ever to SETTLE or believe that these are our circumstances and that's all our lives will be. So many times i wanted to quit, i didn't know i was just around the corner from a break through. I keep my eyes on the prize and have faith more than anything else.

I honestly, truly believe God has BIG plans for us. Everything happens for a reason, we just need to heed the signs and trust more than we complain~ It isn't luck that gets us through is hard work and faith all together.

There are thousands of thoughts actively growing in my mind as i drive my way to Melaka. Another alone road trip that have captivate me to have a deep thoughts on things that been surrounded me lately. Feelings and thinking always play such a sentimental value in me. Works , loves and enjoyment are part of it~

I stopped my car somewhere 'senawang' RNR cos of heavy rain. My vision seems burly. I sat silently inside my car looking at the rain drops fallen on my car window. And then i started to look on my twitter updates. Of all the updates this is one that really captured my eyes...

"Adam..jika kau tidak berniat untuk mengawininya, berniatlah segera, jika tidak, jangan kau ganggu lagi dia. Hormatilah bakal zaujah Adam lain."

"Hawa, cukup-cukuplah dikaburi dengan harta, pangkat & nama Adam. Rasa gah berdampingan dengan Adam yang punyai itu smua? Periksa niatnya. Niatmu." - Dr. Anwar Fazal

and subahannAllah...i started thinking....

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