Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sanctum Movie Trailer Official (HD)

AMAZING!! i had a constant feeling of choking waching this.VERY GOOD MOVIE!it is based on a true story!
most of all what makes even greater was i enjoyed watching it wt my lovely bf even thou we didn't manage to get best sit in the cinema (seated rite infront of the screen..argghh!!) hehe..=) And i got 10 free tixs for this movie..thanks to my Astro's fwen. i distribute the tixs to my family members, clients and also close fwens...u know who u are;)

The director attention to visuals is above and beyond what most people is capable of; doing double duty as the film's cinematographer, demonstrates a pitch-perfect photojournalistic eye.

So many of captivated values in it which it brings an additional bonus for me to actually grade this movie 8 out of 10;) 2 thumbs up for that! ;) Love it!

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