Sunday, March 6, 2011

happy weekend.......

Despite my dull, depressing days throughout the whole week, I actually had a lovely plans for most of the weekends (and thank you SO much for the kind words all). I’ve been messing round with my close fwens thro
out the week as i’m gonna starts my new career next week. So, it somehow called ‘mengabiskan sisa2 waktu’. You know... how am i feeling just SO comfortable and completely myself with good friends surround me? That’s how exactly it feels with them. Lots of my time speading chillax with my close girlfwens, shara and sikin but not forgetting i always have my time texting my lover just a courtesy wanna know on each other updates. I like things so far which work out pretty fine between us. Even thou we r both in 2 separate world rite now but as long as our believes is tied up together, we just hang on it tightly.

Saturday was actually Dura’s birthday and I think I had never failed to wish her every single year since we become fwens. Oh, and I actually combined sikin’s weekend plans with me to celebrate my most good friend ever birthday...I can proudly said that i had such a great Saturday. I’m so happy to see my friends and most of all my dearie lover was there
had fun together with me & my dollies;)

Guess what...we actually went to DISCO SKATING at Subang Avenue!!!!!huhuuuuuuuuu....

Last Saturday was the almost perfect saturday of mine so far as there were involvement of sweet feelings and mesmerize love running thro my soul. Blessed and grateful to be enjoying my weekend with the one that are close to me. Thanks for making my day even more Marvelous....

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