Sunday, March 20, 2011

Ambient Advertising Vodafone Vizoo

Guess what...since i'm in one of Malaysia most leading digital ambient Advertising company, i did my research through out this weekend on Ambient Advertising. It feels like i'm back and looking forward to be in advertising world once again... this time around kinda different.. I will make a different this time around cos i think ambient advertising is not really popular and interesting among Malaysian advertisers. hee..trying smartly to be different and think big.haha...(try harder pls linda!) ;p

Frankly speaking, the world have become more towards digital exposures. Others are moving forward and why are we still lagging behind. We gotta welcome and open our mind towards new medium which much convenience towards the up trend market nowdays...

this is some good example of Vodafone campaign advertising. It has been created in 2005...and i can say the digital world have not yet reached its benchmark for Malaysia market... i would love this kind of campaign to be seen in our super happening street in klang valley ;)

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