Tuesday, October 20, 2009

SIngapore again with mom..

Just got back from Singapore with my mom. I spend the whole weekend at Nannyta's crib! Just me and mom flew to Singapore...guess its the only suitable time i can spend my time with mom. Most of my weekends i always spend it with friends..:) My mom had some agenda over @ Singapore that i dont really know...until i got there. Knowing my another family who lives in Singapore was a real Drama! I donno that i born in such a BIG FAMILY!! talked to my mom that i dont even know mainly all of them...haha. My mom said that because u dont wanna know get involves in anything about family matters...i stayed silent and just gave her a BIG whatever kind of SMILE! LoL...

The best part was...i dont even know i have a second cousin that look alike as my EX-BOYFRIEND!! mY god!! He's CUTE!!!! and have a sweet smile! God such a giver......hehe and yeah...God knows what inside my heart^_^ and so there we were starting to know wach other.....being there make me realised that i still have a ROOM for LOVE in myself....but...my scared. Scared to face it, scared of broken again......the healing part is much more scarrier! I put this sign (,) in my love diaries..meaning gimme a break...get to a correct starting point again. end the last journal i was in....i woouldn't wanna draw a new love stories in myself.....i'll wait till the correct time and lights of love say so......I dont find any sparked with the one i just met....maybe cos we are cousin(not a close cousin)...or maybe i'm the one who not letting go whats in the passed..even though i said i did....

And we had our own day out together..showing me the best place to hang out and get to know each other. Damn! waiting for that 'spark' but there wasn't any....Ok ok! understood! I've to keep an eyes on him for now...and put it as..whats my fav quote.....hmm....oh ya..'Klo ada jodoh...adalah....' hehe.

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