Sunday, October 11, 2009

my most sickening weekend!

As i lay back at home through out the most sickness weekend i ever had somehow i realised that sometimes in the worst struggles, I find my greatest strength. Been sick through out the week and knowing myself, when ever i fall sick..its like my world durn upside down. I dont want to meet people and i choose to stay alone in my bed room. there goes my weekend...lying down all alone..My friends did came over to cheer me up...took me out to went for karaoke..It was fun but mind and heart wasn't 100% just a thing what i called UNLIKE myself. I used to be the MOST hyper ones everytime we go for a karaoke session..the one who will jump up and down..the mic will always be in my hand...and always with my 'PSYCHO DIVA' behavior.haha..well...that nite i turn down a bit...but still i can denied i had fun,thou. Of course i did..cos my closest friends are there...Dura, Reena, Ai, DD and Azry=) Supposedly i planned to have my weekend at terengganu together with shara and wani but i cancelled last minute cos seriously i'm on HIGH FEVER! In fact till now......damn! I hate to cancelled what i have planned...;( And of course i always have back up plans over the weekend..but still couldn't make it. I've quite a nums of open house to attend but at the end i refused to go. So here i am stucked in my own house lying down..take medicines and sleep......

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