Sunday, September 27, 2009

Back to the Old days..........

The day before we left for ‘lebaran’ trip to JB I know this would be such a interesting trip after few years didn’t managed to go back to my mom hometown. Even though just 6 of us can make it we still go for it. My younger brother can’t make it cos he’s gonna face his Uni exam he thought that he’ll study over the weekend. But yeah...only god knows what his la la. And my brother gave such an unrealistic reason...he’s working over the weekend! Like Hellooooo...i’m working same organization as him..and I know what’s on his side. For god sake..[eople don’t really work on the 1st weekend on festive month! And this probably gonna be his last Raya with year he’ll get married. Deep inside me, I really wanted the whole family turn back to where we usually spend our least for once! Well....times change us all....

We stopped and had our dinner at KFC. Cos our lil ones, Sophie, really love KFC potato wedges! There the lil ones all got messed up playing with her patato wedges and my sis got to clean everything up before we went on the road. Yep, nothing else standing in the way. Fortunately, we headed out for lebaran trip at Night. After 4 hours of driving and stops...And at last we arrived at my mom home town. It was really dark at the village..only can hear sounds of some ‘cengkerik’ buzzing. And there wasn’t any ‘pelita’ light up like those days we used to see round my Tok Mat's house. To my surprised there wasn’t any feeling of Raya for me..........But as i looked at my grandma face..i felt that...This is A Raya Moment! Those ‘pelita’ wasn’t my thing anymore.... all i need is a blessing and forgiving from my eldest...

Everybody grow up really fast. And poor thing for Sophie didn’t really experience what we felt during Raya time those days. It was such a happening Raya Moment with pelita all around and there was 'bunga api' session with siblings and cousins...aww!~ I believes she enjoyed on her own ways;) Well, this lebaran i realised something, there are so many responsibility in every single day that we faced. I saw my sister and brother in law always take turn among them to entertain her lil sophie cos always crying and the one that needs attention most of the time. When I saw that i felt really tired...tired for what my sister facec right now but unfourtunately my sis seems to enjoyed it instead! Gosh...seriously, I love to have my own baby one day..but as for now i think i couldn’t face a HUGE responsibility like my sis did! Love kids but not for now i guess... ( i was on tears whenever i remembered and i saw my sis with her kid..pity myself)

And generally enjoying each other's company while enjoying my mom Home town!!!! =)

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  1. selamat ari raya linda!! :) xnak invite i gi open house ke? hehe..

    nadhrah pun suke sgt kfc..
    pantang kalau lalu..