Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Yellow Cab last;)

Guess what?? Its been almost 3 weeks all muslims been fasting. Its such a mellow month but Alhamdulillah so far so good i went thro it...and yes no 'ponteng' yet:) The sad things about this ramadan, i had a lil time to break fast with my far 3 times only and i didn't had a chance yet to go ' solat terakwih'. Well, life is getting busy each day for me. Every day i have to break fast with clients and all.
Last weekend, i did something crazy thing. i had such a different and DARING weekend. I turn myself into Blondie!!haha..I'm kind of boring with my hair color,,used to have it on brown,redish and also blond before...its been a while i didn't touch up myself. Its time to transform! After dying my hair that Sunday nite, i came down to rasta! A place i used to chill almost every nite...there was my beloved dura, and my macho guys, Didi,Ai, Faisal and Arip! They wasn't realy noticed the changing of my hair color..only dura did. Well..cos guess it was too dark to see it at nite.hehe.

Linda with a Fav pizza of the year.......whee...(Shahril yg ajak mkn pizza yellow cab ni!)

Next day, as promised..i went out with Shahril, a long lost fwen of mine, and we both tried out 'Yellow Cab Pizza'!! What i can was awesome!! Totally awesome! And this time shahril noticed it....cos below the sun light is sooo freaking obvious Blond! hahahaa....None of my family members like mom and my sis especially. They said they cant see me in this hair colored. I didn't even look like 'Linda'...and i'm like lil bit blur here...what does it mean by that??
So, i dont want to heard my mom feeling and i know how much she wants me in my dark hair again..cos its near 'Hari Raya' nway..she really concern bout what our relatives gonna say bout me....LoL. What to i turn back to 'Linda' that they used to see...hehe

After i colored my hair...Many people said that i looked nice with blond hair do. damn!~ ;( (:

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  1. well, i prefer you with your dark hair. like the one in your photo inside you purse. :)