Thursday, September 24, 2009

Raya!! yeah.....Raya!wheee....

As I wait outside the shopping mall this morning, I see families were so excited choosing a colourful and beautiful “Baju Kurung” (traditional Malay clothing) in matching the whole concept of one family and I see children running and laughing everywhere in celebration of yet another month of Syawal to come.For me, I’ve always associated this day as a day to make amends, a day to seek redemption and forgiveness from those around me.

My grandfather… My grandmother… My father… I remember those who have passed away… It seems that my family is getting smaller as the years go by. But in those years when someone passed away, we greet the coming of someone new. After my father passed away, my sister got married. And welcome my brother in-law into my family and then.. my niece was born. Soon my brother will get married and it goes on and onWith all these memories… I have a feeling deep inside my heart of those whom I have possibly hurt or disappointed in the past. Will I ever seek their forgiveness? Will I ever be forgiven?

The answer is not clear. And that is what troubles me most of the time…Will I have enough time to say I’m sorry… before it’s too late… So my dear friends, this ‘Lebaran’ i’m seek for your forgiveness and let us make this ‘Lebaran’ such a wonderful days to all of us. Forget everything what’s in the past, and welcome the truly white cloth in our relationship and friendship.
‘Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir Dan Batin’:)Enjoy!~

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