Sunday, September 13, 2009

PLayfoOL me and Sofie

Sofie and Me.....this how we have fun bullying wach other;)

Well, its been quite a while i didn't play round with my one and only lil angel, Sofie. She's going to be 1 year old soon on 17th September. How time flies really fast.. I remembered the day she was born. The night me sis wanna delivered, i came down to see her at hospital right afther work. She been hospitalised for 2 days before the delivered. And i was so eager and excited to the max where i actually came down each day to see my sis. She always welcome me even though i know she was in real pain..there i was making a stupid jokes and telling her some funny stories what i had been through out the day..just wanna get loose some of her pain.LoL!

The nite my sis told me that the baby will come probably was 1 in the morning. Guess what..i'm still at hospital with my work attire. My brother in laws asked me to go home and he'll text me once everything done. But i refused to. After awhile the doctor came to see me telling me that only husband can wait at there i was living my sis and her husband in the deliver room...;( i got home and still waiting for teh good news...till i fall asleep.hehe..guess i;m so freaking tired that time. As i woke up...i open my phone there are nums of missed calls from my sis's phone. huhu...and i got a msg telling her healthy Baby Sofia was born!!! i screemmmmm out loud that morning and i accidentally came late to office..haha. but yeah..who cares getting late to office when we actually happy with the good news of the day aite;) haha
(Kak yan her adorable daughter,Sofia)

so, my lil Sofie...what would i give to you on your 1st birthday??hmmmm....your 1st birthday its like my 1st time giving present to a KID! cos yeah..ur i my 1st niece for god sake...hahaha...seriously i donno what to get her...i think she got everything from he mom and daddy..i even quarrel with my lil sofie on teddies that her grandma baught for her.haha...nah...i'm just a big bully in my family,thou...soon u gonna have lots of fun as u grow up with your Aunty Linda;)

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