Saturday, September 19, 2009

TV9 at KedaH

Last weekend we, TV9 was invited by Koperasi Pekan baru, Alor Setar, Kedah for iftar and give away 'bubur Lambok'! Achap from Kawan 9 cruiser lead through out the whole trip. He put so much effort from transportation, finding a place for accomodation up to making a big success for Bubur Lambok events! BRAVO!!! We arrived at Alor Setar round 6 something. Check into the hotel then went out for iftar at Achap's home. His family welcome us so warmly. There as a lot of food been ready for all of us...we feel really blessed and thankful to them who cooked for us. Oh the same time..i text Akmal, my Uni's fwen. Whenever i go to Kedah..he's the one i can think of cos he lives in Sungai Petani...even though if i'm in Penang i'll contact him for sure.hehe=) For our 1st day of Iftar at Kedah, Achap's family served us with Home Made Nasi Tomato...and they all welcome us with this one 'kuih' that i'm not so sure what is it...but i ate that kuih a lot ok! i just love to try new things...and it happen tasted really nice. According to achap, its a ritual for his family to made that very kuih when one of the family member return home after long time been apart=) how sweet was that aite:) so freaking sweeeeeeetttt ok;) After we had our Iftar....this was a fun part! we played firecrakers and 'bunga api'! I had so much fun.....its been so longgggg i didn't felt that seems that just yesterday i played with my siblings where we used to play 2gether during 'Raya' time...fight over so remind me back of my childhood life.huhu

So, after chilllin at achap's crib, we got back to Regency Hotel. I was placed in the same round as Wani. As usual la, if girls sharing a room we sooo gonna do the pillow talk + gossiping;) we had a great talk till we both fall asleep.....Wani woke up early for sahur, but i choose to sleep till the next morning=) hehe...Next day, its time for us to make 'bubur lambok' with koperasi's people. We cooked 3 big 'belanga' at Pekan Rabu to catter round 1000 people. Who said make bubur lambok is easy? well..i've to say that its really...really HARD! not to say that i donno how to cook...but get the real taste, its really hard! the process took roughly 6 hours...mixing all the herbs, boild the water, cut off all vege..uh! there are lots of process...huhu. but yeah..we tried it after all and end up great! guys should try! its the whole new experience,thou=) LoL. And yeah..our cute lil LG winner, was the one got bullied to do Bubur Lambok by her own! pity her....but i believes she's a spotting girl nway;) i actually help her out=)other than cooking, we went shopping at pekan baru. Farah bought 'Baju Kurung' for Raya...wani trying so hard to find one for her..but she didn'y managed to......i'm the one who be their fashion consultant most of the time...cos i did shopping with mom rite before starts fasting month;) well... that to shop in advance.LoL.

@nd Nite in Kedah is MUCH MORE FUN! Akmal from Sungai Petani came down to meet us up. And he had promised me to bring me to the best place to eat Nasi Kandar 'TERBAIK' (according to him la)..:p and seriously..that was my 1st time eat nasi kandar....SUPERB oK! btul la ckp si akmal tu....MMG TERBAIK! and he even said..once u eat it...u feel wanna get married to 'org Utara'!! and its a BIG YES,thou! hahaha....the taste is really nice...i dont really eat rice...but i just fall in llove with Nasi Kandar Royal!=) ...(mandramm ape la dia guna tu i wonder!) haha..There was akmal, safuan and akmal 2nd...wani, farra and me! we smua MElantak ok...then after mkn nasi kandar..i feel like going round2..just wanna see how kedah nite life looks like...but unfortunately its ramadan month...everything are dead at 10PM! so..akmal came out with a plan..Safuan came out with a plan..going shishaing...and i'm the only one say YES! lets GO!...then....both of my colleagues agreed! we went to Jitra. Guess what..Jitra wasn't that far from Alor Setar..its like PJ to Cyber..only 45 mins thou! SEmpoiii kan kan=) VrOOmMmm! tadaaaa....we were in JITRA, KEDAH! as we entered this one has a strech of stalls selling stuffs for Raya! me..and all the gurls look at each other i screemmmmm...hahaha..cos this is what we are looking for..wani since she didnt get her baju raya yet...she was really earger wanna go shoppin at Jitra=) So..the boys enjoy shishaing outside..while the girls busy looking roound at Aunty Yang's boutique! I make friends with aunty yang till she tot that me and farra is TV9 personalities! CRAP! but yeah.cos of that we managed to get discount for the cloths that we bought! My Baju kurung prize supposed to be RM595..but managed to get for RM400! gosh! how cheap is that! The Baju realy fit me nicely. Aunty even take a photo of me and farra=) Cool gile ok aunty yang!hahaha....and guess what?! we spend almost an hour at aunty yang's boutique...i even ate lots of her raya cookies on guest table.hahahahaha.....Finally i bought 1 baju and so did Farra..Only Wani didn't;( cos happen that all clothers didn't fit her so well....or maybe she was lil bit choosy:p hehe
That nite...we all had fun till 3AM 2gether with a very new people we actually know...Two words for Kedah peeps..U guys are so FRIENDLY and NICE! 2 thumbs up for u ols=)


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