Friday, April 3, 2009

Bitter hearts...

He gave the meaning to this empty world of mine that never did. Another love another time. As usual he came out of sudden into my life again and made a living fine. He fills my heart with very special things, angel songs and with wild imaginings.(oopss!) He just fills my soul and day with soo much love that anywhere i go I’m never lonely. I reach for his hand where I believe him will always there for me even though we are apart. This happen because the bond and the chemistry between us getting more and more stronger. I always questioning myself, how long does it last… Can love be measured by the hours in a day ?? I have no answers no but this much I can say I know I’ll need him till this love spark turn to a drop of tears.

Truly I cannot say, for never have I felt this thing called love... "So soon?" My mind asks, "Yes" it answers quickly with such surety as my heart assures me to let this man! My mind hesitates with slight fear of remembrances from companions of the past. But tell me...what is life if one cannot love and feel freedom to express that love? As I lie here drifting into the wee hours of the night I remember how you spoke gently to me the words... "That it would take time...time to love again...I put our photo that we took 4 years ago on my computer desktop"! "Why you always come out of sudden?" I ask over again. "How this thing that we went through did start and ended?" and "Where did these deep passionate feelings arise? Truly, I cannot answer... I only know what my heart feels inside... When we are together, there is a wholeness I feel of never before, unlike when we are apart... as if a part of me has been ripped away. But what I did is just go on with my life cos there are much more love to gives to people who deserved it.Yes, I agree... time my love...time. But in the meantime, I myself must let go to this calling of my heart and express these deep currents that flow as a massive stream inside of me...How can I know...This my love... could be my one and only... Time to love?........we never know………..

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