Thursday, April 30, 2009

happy life..

Alhamdulillah. Everything been quite well as planned. 2day is my Brother's birthday. I couldn't manage to celebrate with him since i've to go to Kelantan for Sua Rasa. Thought i would have my weekends back after the transfered but not exactly. hehe.. Well, i'm happy for what i'm doing now. My family, friends and special ones are so supportive. That's the best past of all.

Shara.Linda & Wani Me and my Love,Shac

Last 2 weeks, I had an enjoyment weekend. Tv9 had its Splish Splash 3rd Anniversary celebration @ Sunway lagoon. Me, Wany, and Liyana slept over @ Sunway Hotel to settle few things 2gether. Everything went so well as we enjoyed ourself there=)

Life is getting more serious each day...the work loads..gosh!! so much!!! i didn't have time of my own..what i do is make myself enjoy and fall in love more and more in what i'm doing ;) INsyAllah, one sweet day i'll be successful.

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