Wednesday, April 15, 2009

News to Business Development

My life starting April have changed. I transfered to TV9 Business and Developement group on 1st April. Finally, I'm at the peak of my career target. All this while i wanted to involve in advertising line but i'm always end up in else where.hehe. That's life after all..we can set want we want to be but along the way we accidentally take a wrong turn. For me every turn i took before this make me more wiser..cos it gave me different colors and experiences in life. Now, I'm glad that i've found my route back specificly on my career wise. In terms of realtionship..hmmm..i've no comment bout it. Just stay still on what's going on till the right moment come where i've the guts to figure out and spoke out what's best for me, myself and I.

This Sunday, 19/4/09 will be TV9 3rd Anni!!! wheeee....cant really wait for it.heee

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