Monday, September 6, 2010

My Frosty:)

I’m a cat’s lover since i was a lil girl. My mom and dad doesn’t really fancy me adopt a cat nor play around with it. It is because i have a really bad sinus and too sensitive with cats. But which parent wouldn’t want to see her children upset because doesn’t didn’t get what she really wanted to. My last cat died cos got hit by a car. Ever since then, i never have any pet. Now with a comeback of Frosty, a white Persian + tabby cat i got it 3 days ago has open my heart to love this cute and beautiful creature once again. I wanted a cat as a gift on my birthday but it seems that no one knows my little wish.

The story began when i hang out with Amal and his band. Out of sudden, he pop up about cat for sales. His friends, Lela, who happen his senior in campus wants to sell his lil kitty to someone that can handle her cat well enuff. I said to Amal that i;m really looking for a cat rite now. So, Amal show me its pictures. Guess what, once i saw its picture..i fall in love with the kitty. He told me he llikes 3 month old. Awesome! Thats what i’m looking for. Really wanna have a kitty to train it nicely under my supervision. So, Amal brings me meet the owner, Lela. She seems like a nice cat’s lover. Very sweet in person and she can sense that i’m a responsible cat owner. Huhu..She held me the cat in my arms. OMG! Once she hand over the cat onto my hand...i carried away with an imagination..i feels like i’m holding my new baby! The cat is so WHITE and very furry! I look at Amal and i gave him a sign through my eyes..the car was really tame!! After a while,i hand it over to seems that the cat notreally comfortable in Amal’s hand. Haha..The cat is only 3 months old. I felt she was too young to be away from her brood at that point, but Lela said it should be just fine.

Frosty is quite big for its age. I thought Lela must have been giving him loads of healthy food. He looked like a little puffball with stubby legs. You could hold him whole body in one hand. Yet, Frosty and I had and still have a bond of sorts. As I stated I'm not a cat person for quite sometimes, but Frosty always curled up on my shoulder when I sat on the couch and fell asleep. Unfortunately Frosty got a lil clingy a bit. I guess he just need sometimes to settle him self and get use to a new environment. He crawled under the couch cushions, under the pillows and mattress...anywhere soft and warm. And he couldn’t stay alone else he will meOoooWWWing really load.He really needs me to be there beside or near him all the time.Aww....

Ever since I got Frosty, he has always made it a point to develop myself to be more committed and responsible in taking care of him and be more sensitive on my surrounding, as if he put a meaning to this colourful life of mine

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