Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Words from Doctor Amar

Today i went to get a jap from Doctor Amar. This doctor been introduced to me by my girl friend as i wanted to meet her best doctor. hehe. So, went down to Melawati before heading to Putrajaya for meeting. Guess what...This is the 1st time i passed out cos of taking a jap. I'm like..helloo..whats wrong with me? I'm used to this kinda those days are just like my 2nd house. maybe cos i had only a warm water in the morning ..not taking anything for breakfast. Or most probably my girlfwen frighten me out and all i know my mind been psycho-ed! haha... i asked doctor to give me a hormone injection as i need to slowdown my period cycle cos of Umrah. well...this is one of the way where female normally do if they really want to praise the Almighty. But..obviously kite merancang tuhan menentukan segala nyer~ atleast i do sumthing bout it~ hee

Doctor asked me lay down on the bed for my blood to run as normal as it could to the brain. Seriously, i felt really sleepy and the whole body felt really weak~ in my mind the last word i can remember was...lahilaahillah....zZzzzz....3 minutes gone and "keEPoOmmm!" i'm back as normal...haha! doctor said i was way toooo relax and mind as manipulate everything till not enuff oxygen to my brain. aww~

then Doctor took me and my friend for a drink near his clinic. and so....the story begin......

He was most likely an Indian doctor who practically married to a new zealand lady which 80% of his life been speading in new zealand. But cos of his heart and legacy belongs here in Malaysia, he loves serving this wonderful and peacful country being a doctor. He knows that i'll be going to Umrah next week and he said i should thankful because i've been given a sign of invitation to the holy place. In my heart i was saying..."doctor ni cam dia interested je nk gi Mekkah...sure x ley sbb dia indian christian.'hehe. Well..basically what he was trying to say that our soul is connected to the One, the Great creator regardless in what religion we are into, if we have believes in One Creator that means we are in a correct path of life. Our body carry a soul..body is just a temporary period or stage to a mankind. What last forever is our SOUL. so, in another words, we should develop our inner soul for us to get granted in another world. As far as i'm concern, mankind actually more focusing on the outer look..well to be truthful..manusia ni tau nak benda yg bersandarkan duniawi.....DANG! at that moment i was saying to myself....<<<>>>> *weird*

he seek for his inner piece by developing his soul  with believes, trust and connection to God. And to be honest this exactly what i'm actually doing at this kinda moment. This lil feeling just wanna get rid of invaluable and uncertainty whereby me, myself and i has decided to just go and praise my Only God and be thankful for giving me another chances day by day in this temporary world.  there are a lot more he wanted to share but he said he'll continue on my next visits...(if there's any la)...and he kind of welcome my own experience and stories back from 'tanah suci Mekkah' ........ will see how.....( i'm more to a reserved person another words ..less talking)

======================To Be Continue=================================

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