Saturday, March 17, 2012


approximately another 58hours more for me to UMRAH... meaning lagi 2 hari lagiii...wahh...couldn't believe it. The feeling is totally different. Alhamdulillah...i met few of my friends, clients and family members just to say sorry and pray the best for me to go and come back safely~ i rally loves to share something miracle happen to me for the past few days...let me start with one morning when i woke up i felt so semangat to go to i went to my gym at 7am during weekdays...(i've plan to go to work slightly late during that day) haha....that practicular day was my 3rd day wearing hijab 'officially'. I was thinking could i just open my hijab when i'm doing my know that i seriously donno how adapt wt it yet. The question been playing in my mind for few minute on my way to my Gym. So, i was saying to myself, 'if the last traffic light turn red, i most probably gonna take out my hijab at the gym.' PooFF! there the traffic light turn RED rite before i make a turn and so i STOP. without a bit of rasa jangkal and bersalah..i open up my hijab while waiting for the traffic light to turn Green. GOSH!! now i sound so stupid! how can i rely on traffic light to do such thing..hahaa~

deep down in my heart i feel so bersalah towards myself..but i try to denied it. And i know, i'm sooOOoo not go lying to myself. Kalau nak di ikutkan...i can just lie to anybody je..its a simple thing to do...but seriously when it comes to myself and someone i heart cant deny it. Being truthful to myself its some how my 1st policy of LIFE. So, as i got in front of the gym, as usual i took a side parking, slowly i enter it with Bismillah~ Suddently, "KedeBUsShh"! aiiyakk...i accidentally hit the divider...hmm...normal thing for woman's driver!lol. so after i parked my car, i went down to see on my front bumper. Skali, datang la one of the gym guy, saying ..'i rasa tayar u pecah cos u hit on the sharp angle' like..WHATTTTT????i was lilke.. mana2...and so we went down rite on my wheel...Astafirullah~ there goes my new Tyre.... :( x sampai 2 weeks lagi tayar dh i think back, it all my mistake. We have a choice in life to either choose the good or the bad ones...but fitrah manusia, slaloo je tgk pada kesenangan. And i actually did that...choose to take out my hijab rather than membiasakan ia berada on my head and choose to park rite infront of the door steps(side parking) rather than a normal parking space. aish~ eat that Linda.....! well, mistakes by mistakes i take it as a learning process in life for me to become more wiser. InsyAllah....

Then, i met my clients...PROTON at their function- Proton Power of One! They all are so surprised to see me wt Hijjab! tadaaaaaa~ Impressed on my new personality. And all of them mainly abg2 la..saying that ' are you getting marry soon??' ..oh! that question really surprise me! why does people always think that if we suddenly change from not wearing hijjab to wear hijjab is always a sign of getting marry? aiyooo...let me speak frankly, it is all about myself. Maybe my path to Umrah have somehow open my heart to do sumthing beyond my acknowledgement and expectation. This is sumthing real about me perhaps, changing slowly into my new world...let me adapt with it slowly on my own effort. But yeah..i did clarified to all abg2 proton..~ serious i'm like having a press conference with them where they all actually bought so many food as they know that i'll be coming over to that event. hahaha...and there goes lotsa questions pertaining to marriage and what so usual, lying + hoping is my kinda thing to do so......God gimme strength to face all this obstacles ~ hadapi dengan tabah!, they all actually inspired me in someways.. *tWo thumBs Up* yay!

well...More to come for me in the days to come......put aside what been holding me at the back of my head, cos all i wanna focus is the upcoming day for my Umrah to be Sempurna as it could be~ InsyAallah.... :)

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