Friday, March 9, 2012

seeing him after 2 weeks~

hee..just wanna express that how bad i actually missing my other half~ sounds pathetic rite? but u know..this is what we call girls behavior. my last time seeing him before i go for my Umrah. yehaa!~

My mind is always curious about
the way things might have been.
As days go by and time goes by,
I look back once again.

All the time I held you in my arms,
I had the whole world right there.
There you were, comforting me with
all of your charms.

It's funny, all those little things
I never thought I'd miss,
Like all those conversations we had,
or the first time we talked

I guess that what I'm trying to say,
is I miss and love you more each day!
It hurts me not to see you,
or not to know if you're ok.

I want you to understand
that I loved you from the start.
And I want you to know,
no matter how many miles
we may be apart,
you'll always hold a special place
in my heart.

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