Saturday, March 17, 2012

The official new Me...

The ultimate civilization

One had said few days ago that i've come to the highest ranking of civilization. I try to think deeply again on his phrase but i couldn't get it rite. And so he started to talked. Every women are beautiful in man's eyes, he believed. But there are certain of them who actually sees the true beauty of a women. To captured back a year ago when i met this man, for me he's like a father who always gave me good motivation regardless on work stuffs or even life. But now, he was so surprised to meet me in a totally changed personality. Then question begin to pop up...with a slight positives respond at usual.. 'you look sweet and amazing'...Alhamdulillah So well civilized!, he begin~ 

talking from a father point of view, he said that every girl as their own story behind themselves. Its depends on a girl how they actually take it one story towards her kinda life. And he bet i experienced a lot of things in order me to become me as he sees me right now. Seriously, all this while, i really need a man as a father to speak with, it different to be raised up all alone by a mom who is actually my mother and at the same time being a dad to me. Its a tough job,thou..but with all patient Alhamdulillah, my mom i can say is a real patient lady i ever met. 

He began he inspirational story telling me how civilized i is because as we see the progress of man kind- from Our 1st great2 grandfather, Nabi Adam, he was a man felt down from heaven together with Eve without any clothes. Slowly, they learn about life and slowly started to close all their censored and sensitive part.Civilization in mankind comes to the ultimate when they know how to value themselves. And so he mentioned..' from the 1st time i met you when you did the presentation, u look like a well presentable lady. and now you complete your value puzzle as a TRUE LADY by choosing to lead your way to a whole new world. Completely a best path you are taking and you are at the peak of well civilized for a Muslim girl.' 

wow!woww! i'm so touched and feels like my late dad who actually gave me that kinda quotes. and so i replied....Alhamdulillah~ i'm brave enuff to just take this good chances and opportunity..and i bet if we actually know what we want in this life with the guidance of God, nothing is impossible to us. 

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