Wednesday, March 14, 2012


One nite i dream about being a good dancer or performer where i can express my joy, sadness, and fun thro performing arts. But as i wake up on a reality world, its all about choices. We actually create our on path which i can say it leads to our own destiny. I come do my ultimate of serendipity~ which i would i like to say that i've done enuff and at this particular moment i will rather giving back to the world and slowly make my way towards another world. I mean...not to say that i'm dying soon but keep it real..we never know when is our can be soon or later. the PREPARATION and force alarm had ring me twice and probably this is it~

Changing to sumthing better somehow create a positive vibes or aura around me. And i love to spread around loves and positive impact which it someone will return to u with such blessings. aww~ sounds that easy rite if i just type it all out...but yeah..i couldn't say much here i hope that u all out there who actually rad this can feel the same way that i feel...seriously is all different now...glad that i come to a point of being truthful to myself not to say that all this while i'm not but what i mean is being as truthful and honest in my words, behaviors and actions. hee...hopefully~

nah..this is the look of ambitious so called Muslimah..well...i'm trying or let me put as...going to the most ultimate changes in me:) tadaaaa...

Alhamdulillah~ feel very comfort and reserved for now...hee

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