Monday, March 12, 2012

oh Nooo again~

Dear Allah,

If i could just ask, would i ever face a happy ending in my relationship? It seems pretty confusing at certain time and sometimes i can feel its at the peak of happiness. What should i do in searching for happiness? No matter how hard i try to face it, man kind is always be mankind.....without fail in doing mistakes over and over again~ SubahannAllah... with much regret i will always pray for a better Me in order for me to achieve my ultimate happiness and to be loved sincerely~

 Deep inside my heart there are still strong believes and patient towards the uncertainty but one thing for sure i will remain inside me is Your guidance to just 'Berserah'. I know You will always have a better plan for the one who believes and be Your truthful follower.

p/s: Pls Make my tears worth for the one who actually owns it~

Hamba-Mu yang lemah

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